Healing from post-traumatic stress Disorder (PTSD)

Healing from post-traumatic stress Disorder (PTSD)

A healthy diet, exercise, and relaxing time help heal post-traumatic stress disorder. We should beware of caffeine and nicotine, which become a source of anxiety and depression. The use of alcohol and drugs to numb feelings is not suitable for the health of men. Patients with this disease, PTSD, have to face some other conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety.

Symptoms of PTSD

Many of the symptoms show the presence of this disease within the body. Physical sensations like pain, sweating, nausea, and trembling. Also, nightmares show PTSD; sometimes, the man feels uncomfortable at night and may have nightmares, so he may not sleep properly. A condition caused, which is named depression, thus gives initial signs of post-traumatic stress, the start phase of post-traumatic stress (PTSD). Intrusive thoughts also cause post-traumatic stress.

Feelings of trauma happen:

  • Agitation
  • Nervousness
  • Headache
  • Anxiety

A person has a condition of fear, confusion, or tension. He may have a requirement of agitation. This agitation causes angry behaviors. The emotions caused by stress, worrying physical conditions, and high blood pressure cause anxiety. The person with anxiety feels fear, weak, and tired and may have some heart-related diseases. Or he may also have a situation of trembling. All these situations are because of anxiety, which may instead start a problem with PTSD.


In this era, the world has become dynamic and innovative, and men have to face problems all day due to the use of addictive drugs, and the use of alcohol may cause depression. A mood change feels like the man has to deal with many different cases in a day, or he may suffer many problems all day, so he may have a mood change feeling that initiates the depression. Sleeping pills also cause depression, and men have to depend on them. Mood changes and memory problems may cause memory loss.

Bad thoughts

Some addictive drugs and the use of alcohol make the person addicted and cause many difficulties in the life of men. Too small or sufficient amounts of alcohol also harm men’s health and cause a severe problem called diabetes mellitus. Drinks like alcohol also called heavy beverages, are vital in reducing the body’s sensitivity to insulin and cause a chronic disease called insulin. It also causes severe pancreatic conditions. Therefore, a quantity of alcohol harms men’s health. So when a man becomes addicted, some of the hormones produced in the man’s mind can cause relief and think of suicide. So, they may also hurt the life of the men and generate the initial signs of PTSD.


Some flawed thinking or depression makes the person too sensitive, and he may have no confidence to face the circumstances and start crying or shouting. The power of his patience may be wiped out. He may be unable to walk with society and begin to consider himself looser; thus, he thinks of loneliness. Therefore, he becomes afraid of sound and starts weeping and crying about little things, which shows that he may fall prey to depression.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is also one of the causes of diabetes. High blood pressure generates many other problems like hypertension and stress, developing a state in both conditions. The body’s balance is disturbed, so high cholesterol levels are created. So, it may also show signs of the starting of a severe disease called PTSD, as many of the conditions are caused by high blood pressure.

High blood pressure

Negative thinking develops

Much flawed thinking is developed due to the use of addictive drugs and alcohol, and it may start depression and stress in the body of men. Due to the abovementioned diseases, the man’s essential mental health is created, and he loses all his powers of patience and thinking. Many evil thoughts are generated in his mind; thus, many criminal activities are also done because of this.

Causes of post-traumatic stress disorder

There are many causes of developing this disease in the body, such as;

  • It may be an accident
  • It may be caused by reproductive assaults
  • By being harassed
  • It may be caused by homophobia, biphobia, and Tran’s phobia,
  • It may occur due to kidnapping
  • They may be caused by any fear of life

Many reasons cause POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD). Sometimes, bad environmental conditions cause many severe diseases like the use of alcohol, smoking, and many drugs that a person becomes addicted to and in the state of. Addiction Many crimes occur in society, like reproductive attempts or rape, theft, robbery, and many other crimes. Thus, all of these conditions leave a negative mark on the person’s mental health. Suppose a girl is suffering from any of these crimes and may not be mentally healthy, and she has terrible mental health and becomes a part of PTSD.

May her memory be lost, or maybe she has to suffer from fear or depression. Constant cases of anxiety and depression in the body cause the disease, which is called post-traumatic stress disorder. The constant feeling of fear or any point of depression makes the person physically and mentally disturbed and creates many problems in their lives. Our diet also harms our lives, and an unhealthy diet becomes a source of diseases. A healthy diet, exercise, and relaxing time help heal post-traumatic stress disorder. We should beware of caffeine and nicotine, which become a source of anxiety and depression. The use of alcohol is also dangerous or harmful to men’s health, becoming addictive to them, and they need it all the time. He commits many crimes to fulfill his needs and falls prey to robbery and many other crimes.

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