Common disorders of mental health

Common disorders of mental health


When a man feels discomfort during work, loses the power to bear the problem, and looks dull and sad, it generates terrible mental health. Primary mental health can cause severe issues for men. Many factors are responsible for bad health, as given below:

  •  Depression
  • Overeating
  • Drug addiction
  • Sleeping issue


The condition with no bearing the power of difficulty and a man can lose his ability to bear the loss can generate depression. It can cause sadness in people. People in depression lose the power to think. They feel that they are alone in the world and feel sad. A continuous state of depression can cause serious mental health. Sometimes, suicides are also caused due to depression.

We should avoid depression and live a peaceful life.


More eating also causes many problems. .it can cause a pain called obesity. Obesity is called the mother of diseases. .it can cause high blood pressure, hypertension, and many other conditions. Many disorders also affect a man’s life and make him mentally disturbed. His thinking ability also collapses, and he feels bored in his life. We should use too much food. We should take the proper amount of food that our body needs. We should maintain an ideal body weight and eat according to our needs.

3-Drug addiction

Drug addiction is also the cause of bad mental health. Drug addiction causes family, money, and other such problems. The user of drugs is considered flawed within his circle; people hate him and do not do any dealings with him. So he feels alone and may face the problem of a bad mental condition. We know that many drugs cause relaxation in the mind and can make the person totally depend on the drugs. His power of thinking totally collapses; thus, many crimes happen due to addiction. So many strict actions are taken for its control because it may also cause mental problems. We should avoid the use of drugs. We should take care of our health to maintain good mental health.

Drug addication

4-sleeping problem

A person with a condition of hypertension or any of the problems feels not relaxed and disturbed all the time and cannot get regular sleep. .Sleeping is very important for a man’s healthy mind, so if the person cannot get proper sleep, he may fall prey to bad mental health. Causes of bad mental health of some fundamental reasons are responsible for impaired mental health, which may damage the nourishment of the mind and can make people mentally retarded. And make a life of people dull and burdened. So they may not find peace anywhere.

A few of them are described in the following:

  • Family factors
  • Social effects
  • Medical condition
  • Environmental factors
  • Conclusion:

Family factors

Family factors also cause bad mental health. For example, in this society, a man can hold the expense of a large family, so he is mentally disturbed due to the high cost of family. He may be suffering from impaired mental health.

Social effects

Social circumstances, like the sound of heavy vehicles, smoke produced by cars, excellent grilling, sounds produced by electric generators, and the sound produced by construction sites, can cause bad mental health. These situations cause hypertension, high blood pressure, Insomnia, and severe headaches. These conditions harm men. Because of hypertension, the men feel inadequate and lonely, which may cause a bad health condition. Social behavior has a significant impact on the life of men. so we need to develop an excellent social environment to develop good mental health.

3-Medical condition

Long-term disease or any other problem like cancer, heart disease, or any other condition causes anxiety, and the person feels bored and stressed. These conditions are terrible for the men. Some medicines used against these diseases cause stress for the person; thus, too much use of drugs is not suitable for health. We should give time to ourselves and make our lives easy by improving our medical health.

4-Environmental factors

Environmental factors like too much use of alcohol, smoking, and bad companies also cause poor health. Too much sound and unhealthy environment also cause harmful mental conditions. Too much use of tobacco and alcohol is not suitable for men because smoking has chemicals called carcinogens that can cause cancer. Alcohol can also have dangerous effects on men. It can affect the lungs problem, so it can cause many destructive environmental issues, and thus, it may cause bad mental health.

How to maintain good health

We can do some exercises and take a regular walk. The morning walk and good practice make a person healthy. We have to use good food and vegetables. We have to avoid food that is dangerous for our health. We should avoid the use of smoking. Get rid of alcohol. Avoid junk food and spices because these are bad for the health and cause many serious problems. We should take a morning walk. We must exercise regularly like jogging, weight lifting, running and jumping. By following these basic steps, we can develop good health. By following these steps, we should avoid bad company and a bad environment to create good health.


Many causes are causing mental health problems. A person’s life depends upon their fresh mind, but a person has some issues that become stressful for the people he may have no ability to do work. Therefore, mental health is essential for the well-being of the person. Good health ensures a healthy life. Safe, nutritional, and mental health is necessary for the excellent work of the body and the life of good nourishment of the mind; it can make the person work properly and protect life.

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