Diabetic Neuropathy & diabetes millitus

Diabetic Neuropathy & Diabetes mellitus

What is diabetic mellitus?

Diabetes mellitus is the most common disease in human life. Diabetic mellitus produces severe problems like sugar and insulin levels caused by the diabetic mellitus. Therefore, too much sugar is unsuitable for health and causes many difficulties for men. High sugar, or diabetes mellitus, is one of them, and it may cause many dangerous diseases, or we may say it is an initial tool for the stars of many diseases. We should protect our bodies from the hazardous effects of this disease.

What is Diabetic neuropathy?

The nerve-related problems are called neuropathy, the high or severe condition of diabetes mellitus because of nerve damage called diabetes. Neuropathy there are many reasons for this disease:

  • High amounts of fats and carbohydrates in the body
  • High amounts of sugar
  • High amounts of glucose
  • High blood pressure

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is also one of the causes of diabetes. High blood pressure generates many other problems like hypertension and stress, and a state is generated in both conditions. The body’s balance is disturbed, so high cholesterol levels are created. That’s why high blood pressure is a cause of a severe problem called diabetes mellitus. So, high blood pressure is a cause or initial tool of diabetes neuropathy. The increased amount of fat and carbohydrates in diabetes is caused by the over-low amount of insulin in the body. It may also lead to diabetes neurology problems. If men get food that contains too many carbohydrates or a large number of carbohydrates and fats, also because of diabetes, food that can have a too small amount of fat and carbohydrates can inhibit the process of digestion. It can slow the process of digestion and affect the stomach.

High blood pressure 

Some other causes of diabetes mellitus

The causes of diabetes mellitus are given. The increasing weight of the body is a cause of diabetes. Due to any difficulty or problem in insulin resistance, It may be inheritable, like it can transfer from parents to the offspring, so it may be caused by genes. So, it is called family transfer disease. It may be caused due to hormonal diseases and also cause problems in the pancreas. Mellitus is attached to the pancreas when it does not work, as they do not produce the insulin they produce diabetes diseases.

How to manage diabetes neuropathy?

There are many ways to protect the body from the harmful effects of diabetes neuropathy that are given below:

  • Take regular medicines
  • Take regular exercise
  • Tale morning walk
  • Use fats food
  • Reduce the use of spices and drinks
  • Reduce the use of heavy drinks like alcohol
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid the use of alcohol

We should manage a healthy diet for the proper plan system, like glucose levels and other diseases are good management for protection. Reduce the body weight, maintain the body balance, or develop the ideal body weight. Using fruits like cherries, berries, and watermelon is also good for the sugar patient to keep the sugar level within the body. 

Heavy meat is also rotten for the health of the diabetes patient. The use of fresh drinks or juices is good for the diabetes patient. The use of refined grains is also good for the health of the diabetic patient. Reducing stress is also an essential art to reduce the risk of diabetes. Physical therapy is also good in this regard, as managing sugar levels helps protect the body from the dangerous effects of diabetes neuropathy. These are some of the basic precautions that we have to take to stop diabetes neuropathy and to save the body from its hazardous products; it may be fatal for the health of men and may result in death.


We are affected by severe problems, like high sugar, which causes a decrease in insulin levels within the human body. These patients are called diabetic, and the included disease is diabetes mellitus. .this disease can be controlled by taking the true or variety of insulin. By taking a good quantity of insulin, we can protect our body from that severe disease. To protect our bodies from that severe disease, we should take essential steps to develop good health, like using fresh drinks and food containing vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins.

We have to use vegetables and green food. We should avoid using smoking, alcohol, and food with too much spice. We have to control body weight according to age. We should take proper care and measures to protect our bodies from these diseases like diabetes mellitus. Regular morning walks and exercise also help control this disease and make our bodies protective.

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