Natural bones in human body

Natural bones in human body

What is a Natural Bone body?

Naturally, bones are made by proteins, which are the building blocks of amino acids and make up 50 percent of the bones. Collagen, minerals, and especially calcium are also responsible for making the structure of the bones. Collagen provides the framework for incorporating the minerals mainly from the calcium phosphate into the collagen framework. The role of minerals in the bones is vital. They make the bones hard and robust, and the collagen can give flexibility to the bones and can resist their breaking. Bone is a complex connective tissue found in the body, and it is also called the organic component of the body, like collagen, and an inorganic component of the bone called minerals made of salts. The nature of bone is organic and inorganic.

Bone is a complex connective tissue found in the body of men and responsible for the contraction and relaxation of the bones. It enables men to walk and is responsible for the body’s movement. Men can move from one place to another just because of their bones. .bones are accountable for men’s actions; they can give strength to the body like the skeleton of the body makes the man able to do his activities. In the human body, 206 bones contain and perform a specific function.

Many types of the body, but mature bones of the body are called chondrocytes. The hard connective bones are called the spongy bones. .there are about 54 bones in our feet that can help the feet to move or to walk. The highest or longest bone of the body is called the thigh bone, which holds our skeleton and makes us move or stand on the ground. The smallest bone of the body is called staples, which is present in the ear. When a baby is born, his body consists of three hundred and 300 or more bones, but when he passes through a development period, his bones can merge. His mature and final bones are 206, which can control the metabolism and growth of the bones and hold men’s body functions. The bones can give strength to the body. They also make the shape of the men; the men’s body posture and form depend upon the structure of the bones. So, the role of the bones in men’s Health is vital and makes good bones healthy.

How it is built Naturally

  • By eating vegetables
  • Consume high amounts of proteins
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Use a high amount of calcium
  • Avoid the low calories diet
  • Use plenty of the vitamin D and vitamin K

Source of making strong bone

Protein is a good food source, making up the 50 % percent volume of bones. It is essential to prevent osteoporosis. .vitamin D, calcium, and proteins are good sources for making the excellent structure of the bones and giving strength to the bones. Dairy products like milk, meat, poultry, and fish have rich proteins and strengthen the bones. Eggs also have a good amount of proteins. These are some of the sources of proteins. Protein is essential for the development and growth of the bones. It makes up 50 percent of the bone’s structure and strengthens the bones. Proteins are called the building blocks of amino acids. The primary sources of calcium are given below: Almonds, Milk, Yoghurt, Nuts, etc. Salts are also suitable for healthy bones.

Source of making strong bone 

Role of Bones in Men’s Life

Bones are an essential part of our body and can give strength to our body and support us. These are naturally present arts of the body. .they help us. In the movement process, they allow the men to move from one part to another on the ground. They support us to stand. They give us strength. Many of the cells move because of the bones. Holds our body together. Allow the supply of calcium to the different parts of the body. Protect many body organs like the heart, chest, brain, lungs, etc. Make the person’s shape, Produce blood cells, and Protect internal organs.

How to protect our Bones

We have to protect our bones. We use food rich in calcium, minerals, and iron because these essential elements make bones. We do some physical exercise that benefits men and makes the bones strong and active. Milk can provide a good amount of calcium, the bones’ raw material. Milk is a good source of proteins that strengthen the bones and strengthens them. So we must protect the bones from problems by using good food and nutrition. Using proteins and calcium is good for the bones, gives them strength, and saves them from the bone’s weak age problems that are dangerous for the life of men. The deficiency of these materials is terrible for the Health of men; thus, the bones can become weak and cause a problem due to their lack called osteoporosis.

The importance of nature makes bone.

All the things of nature have their importance. Like many of the body’s organs naturally developed within the mother’s abdomen, bones are one of them. Bones are a good source of protection for the body. They can protect the body and provide strength. They can shape the person and are responsible for the men’s movement. Thus, the safety and care of bones are essential for the life of men. We protect the bones by eating fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.

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